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Asphalt paving delivers a smooth look with durability for all seasons. It is a safe mixture that is reliable yet affordable. Asphalt paving is always used on highways and major roads and provides contractors with an easy way to maintain and fix any problems that may arise. There is a reason why all roads are laid out with asphalt paving! Centex are paving contractors that have worked with asphalt paving for numerous years and have more than enough understanding under their belts. Call us today for pricing!

What to choose to go with that beautiful new home or new side paneling? Consider using tar and chip for your driveway for that amazing luxurious look. Tar and chip is cost effective and holds its durability in weather conditions and toxins. Overtime, it is inevitable, cracks will eventually develop. Tar and chip offers a much longer life span on cracks occurring. It can mend itself with just the warmth of the sun. Call Centex today for pricing and details!

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