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Asphalt Paving

CenTex Asphalt has been serving the paving contractor needs of Central Texas for over a decade.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Offering both hosted and traditional, we know we have the system for you

Tar & Chip

Tar and chip is often referred to as chip and seal, seal chip, macadam and asphalt surface treatment.

This form of road or driveway is generally more cost effective than asphalt paving and offers moderate durability.

Pothole Repair

Need to fix cracked asphalt or pothole repairs? We have everything covered here at CenTex Asphalt


We also focus on asphalt grading and other quality measurements.

Services Overview

Asphalt Overlay

Centex Asphalt Paving can restore an exsisting drive or customize a new one.We can restore your parkinglot or driveway to new condition,A typical asphalt overlay would place 1 to 2 inches of new asphalt over exsisting asphalt it will have the same appearance it had when it was installed new at a fraction of the cost

Tar and Chip

Installation of a tar and chip surface is relatively simple. First, tar is applied to a finished base. Then a layer of gravel is added to the hot tar. Once the gravel has been applied, a roller is used to firmly press the gravel into the tar to complete the surface.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating has served as a viable and cost effective surface for roadways, parking lots and residential driveways for decades. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of traffic, weather and UV rays cause asphalt to breakdown over time.

Aphalt Company Contractor Services

Centex Asphalt is proud to be part of an industry that has helped to build America. Our industry includes nearly 4000 asphalt plants that yield anywhere from 500 to 550,000,000 tons each of asphalt pavement material annually. Approximately 94 percent of the more than 2,000,000 miles of paved roads and highways in the United States are surfaced with asphalt. This invaluable material gets us from our homes to our workplaces, schools, emergency care facilities, places of worship, shopping and recreation areas. For many businesses, the highway is their warehouse. Their products travel these great highways via freiaght lines to retailers and end users throughout the nation. Without asphalt paving contractors like Centex, our roadways and transportation as we know it would not exist.

Centex Asphalt is here to help with all of your asphalt paving needs. From small repairs to complete grading and installations, Centex Asphalt utilizes the latest asphalt paving technology and precision equipment to complete each project in a cost-effective and timely manner. Contact us today for your free estimate.

What is Asphalt Paving? Asphalt paving is an intense mixture of stone, sand and gravel that is bounded together by asphalt cement. This mixture is a very hot substance that is used on driveways, pavements, roads and parking lots. Asphalt paving can be low in cost but the durability of the product is why it is most commonly used. Keeping up on asphalt paving will save more money in the long run. Weather plays a huge factor in the wear and tear of asphalt. Other factors such as dirt, oil and grease also plays a role. By using Austin asphalt paving contractors and keeping the pavement clean as much as possible will help with the life span of the asphalt. By not removing buildups such as water, snow or even weeds will cause the asphalt to crack and damage the surface, which in turn will lead to more problems on the asphalt. Austin asphalt paving contractors are a great way to keep pavements looking fresh and clean and is durable enough to withstand weather deterioration Our driveway paving contractors have over a decade of experience in helping the areas of Austin, Killeen, Georgetown, Marble Falls, Bastrop and all of central Texas.